No. 482
Crime, Eccentricity, and the Sporting Life in 19th Century America.
August 03, 2020
Rogue's Corner: JAMES ANDERSON (142)
Forty-three years old in 1886. Born in Ireland. Married. Tailor. Medium build Height, 6 feet. Weight, about 180 pounds. Hair black, turning gray; gray eyes, light complexion. Generally wears a sandy mustache.

"JIMMIE THE KID" is a clever old New York thief. He has been traveling through the country for a number of years, and is well known in all the principal cities East and West. He is a great big rough fellow, and will get the money at any cost.

He was arrested several times in New York, but never with a clear case against him until April 10, 1876. when he was arrested for robbing George W. Mantel, on one of the horse-cars, for which he was convicted. and sentenced to ten years in Sing Sing prison. on June 16, 1876, by Recorder Hackett, in the Court of General Sessions, New York. His time expired on December 16, 1882.

His picture is an excellent one, taken in January. 1876.
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Byrnes, Thomas. Professional criminals of America. New York, N.Y: Cassel, 1886.